MultiImage Pro enable you to view simultaneously many different-scale images. You can create image sets. View and compare images of different sizes. The following formats are supported: bmp,gif, jpeg, jpg, png, emf.

To scroll through images you just have to click on the area of View. The whole View will be automatically scrolled. An image is centered by the mouse click.

To select an image, you just need to click on the name of such an image in the tab Image to have the View scrolled up to the sought image.

The program includes several View; each View has its own scale. In the tab Images, click on Add Images To select pictures which should be added. Upon that, the panel will display pictures, which can be viewed. Pictures can be scaled either by the scroll wheel or in the context menu. Also, you can add one or multiple View in the tab Views. The tab Image includes a feature for deleting a selected image or all images.

You can hide the panel, and then unhide, when necessary, through the context menu.

Images Tab

You can add images clicking on Add Images button.
Selected image you can rename or export from the context menu.
Clicking on remove all button you can delete all images from project.

Project Tab

You can create project clicking on New Project button.
Open Project button - call open project dialog.
Save Project - save current project.
In the Recent Project list you can open recent projects.

Views Tab

You can open new view clicking on add button.
Remove button - remove selected view.

Edit Tab

You can switch views to edit mode by checking select images button.
In view select images to move to the new place.
Unchecking select images button switch view to view mode.

Options Tab

Reverse mouse zoom - reverse mouse wheel
Background color button - change background color in view.